Virtual plankton tow

  • Virtual Plankton Tow

    whole sample1.JPG
    whole sample1.JPG

    Use your mouse to magnify this zooplankton sample from Roosevelt Inlet, Delaware.  What zooplankters can you identify in the sample?  Click the thumbnail images below to see close-up images of these zooplankton.  You can use these images for our educational module Zooplankton Biodiversity (Virtual Plankton Tow).

    • acartia1.JPG
    • cnidarian1.JPG
    • ctenophore.JPG
    • detritus.JPG
    • exoskeleton.JPG
    • exoskeleton2.JPG
    • fecal pellet.JPG
    • Hemigrapsus zoea.JPG
    • nauplius.JPG
    • Labidocera.JPG
    • zoea side.JPG